18 Jan 1st General Assembly of Members of Orff Catalunya

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, the first General Assembly of Partners of the Orff Catalunya Association was held. In this assembly all the agreements were made unanimously and the projects of the Working Groups for 2021 were presented

.However, the provisional Board of Directors, now fully entitled, consisting of: Presiden

cy: Mireia AguiarSecret
ariat: Toni SantiagoTre
soreria: Jofre GasolV
ocalies: Aixa Toledano, Roger Sans, Aleix Colom, Mireia Ferrés and Rocamora

Oury we are grateful for the presence of all the partners and the enthusiasm with which the working groups have focused their projects for the future. If you are not yet partners, we remind you that you have it in a click (main menu).